Saturday, January 30, 2010

Things That Don't Work on Your Editor

EDITOR: Why is Nya doing blah blah blah in this scene instead of blah blah blah?

ME: Um... Because I said so?

EDITOR: Nope, try again.

ME: --bangs head on keyboard trying to think up a good reason--

"Because I said so" works for mom's, why not writers? Not fair. Totally not fair.


  1. Ah!! I so wish that excuse would work!

  2. Hope you figured that one out, Janice -- but might I say that it's a tiny relief to know that you're not superwoman? You always seem to have the answers! And yayyyyy for editors pointing out a weakness that authors can't see on their own.

  3. lmao! I wish I could say "because I said so" and it would work. You are right - always worked for mums. Works for my mum. All the time.

  4. I am so not superwoman, LOL. I struggle with stuff same as everyone else, even when I know what I ought to be doing. :) My editor(s) are fantastic.