Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ask Away

It dawned on me that I've opened the blog up to questions on The Other Side of the Story, but I've never done that here. So...

What's on your mind?

Anyone got any questions for me?

Ask away!

NOTE: As questions come in, I'll answer them but keep this post on top for the week.


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  2. Waiting with baited breath for #2 :)

    Hey quick question- How have you approached outlining your series? In other words did you give it directions early on OR have you let it find its own way? I'm forecasting you'll tell me there's a balance, but I wanted to get your input anyway :)


  3. Can't wait for book 2! My question is did you have all habe the ending of the third book thought up when you started book one? Or did the ending come later? And is Kione going to join the rest of the gang in book 2? and is Lanelle going to be in the other books? i love her!

  4. What is book three going to be called? I can't wait!