Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sneak Peak. In the Beginning...

As promised, here's a sneak peek at the opening of Shifter 2...

Responsibility was overrated. Sure, it sounded good--take control of your life, make your own choices--but that also meant you had to pay for your own mistakes. And if your life and choices hadn't gone the way you'd planned, well, then your mistakes might reach deeper than your pockets could afford.

I hoped mine we deep enough for the mess I'd caused.


  1. Yayyyy! And you should have a title contest for book 2. Even if you don't pick it, it would be lovely to hear suggestions!

  2. It sounds amazing!

    I just finished reading The Shifter. It's awesome in every sense of the word.

  3. Thanks all! Donna, the title is chosen already (hopefully I'll be able to tell everyone soon), but the title idea is a good one. I'll have to think about that for book three. Could be fun.

  4. Oooooooh! What's Nya done now!? Last I read, she was going to take on the Duke! Lol I wonder what's happened!?

  5. Oh, you didn't think I'd start book two with her on the Duke's doorstep now did you? -grin-. I've got a book three to think about.