About Me

I write fantasy and science fiction for teens. My debut novel, The Shifter, came out in October 2009 from Balzer & Bray/HarperCollins, and the sequel, Blue Fire, came out October of 2010. Darkfall, the final book of the trilogy releases October 2011.

I'm represented by the wonderful Kristin Nelson at Nelson Literary Agency, and have been since October 2008. October has been a good month for me writing-wise. Good things seem to happen then. Maybe that's because Halloween is my favorite holiday.

I live in Georgia with my husband, three cats, and a freshwater eel folks seem to like hearing about. He's a pretty cool eel, so I can't blame them. Though I do think he wishes I'd get rid of the cats.

I also blog about writing over at The Other Side of the Story. If you're interested in writing, pop on over and say hello.