Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My New Weakness

My husband is the cook in our house, and since we had a friend of ours staying with us the past few days (hi Ann!), he did his uber-hubby thing and pampered us like spoiled little girls. Last night, he made his extra yummy chicken parmesan and pasta, but it was his hors d'oeuvres that wowed us.

Picture this...Artichoke hearts, Gorgonzola cheese, and scallions, all whipped up into a delicious dip and plopped down on these puffy little crackers he made.

The were so good.

The crackers just melted in your mouth like crisp little wafers. The artichoke had the perfect tang, and the cheese just smoothed it all over. My mouth is watering just writing this post.

I could have eaten an entire kitchen full of them. I may have to find a way to convince him to make these every single night. If it's possible to live off these things, I might attempt it.

I'm so glad we have more friends coming over for dinner Friday night.


  1. You are SO lucky. I doubt my husband even knows what artichoke hearts, gorgonzola or scallions are. LOL