Monday, August 24, 2009

And the Winner is...

It was a tough choice at the end, as I got some really funny (and really bad) chicken jokes. Of course, I love bad jokes, so even the really bad ones were really funny. As luck would have it, I got some ARCs for The Pain Merchants last week, so I'm picking two winners -- one for the US and the UK edition -- and two runner's up, who will get The Shifter T-shirts.

Winning Jokes:

From Krista Ashe
Why did the chicken cross the basketball court?
He heard the referee calling fowls

From CommaSplice
A kindergarten teacher was telling her class the story of Chicken Little.

"So Chicken Little went up to the farmer, shouting 'The sky is falling! The sky is falling!'" The teacher paused and then asked the class, "And what do you think the farmer said?"

One little girl raised her hand. "I bet he said 'Holy Cow! A talking chicken!'"

*Note: edited for my younger readers

Runners Up:

From Reggie Writes
Q. Why Couldn't The Chicken Find Her Eggs?
A. Because She Mislaid Them.

From Kat Bryan
A pair of chickens walk up to the circulation desk at a public library and say, 'Buk Buk BUK.' The librarian decides that the chickens desire three books, and gives it to them...and the chickens leave shortly thereafter. Around midday, the two chickens return to the circulation desk quite vexed and say,' Buk Buk BuKKOOK!' The librarian decides that the chickens desire another three books and gives it to them. The chickens leave as before. The two chickens return to the library in the early afternoon, approach the librarian, looking very annoyed and say, 'Buk Buk Buk Buk Bukkooook!' The librarian is now a little suspicious of these chickens. She gives them what they request, and decides to follow them. She followed them out of the library, out of the town, and to a park. At this point, she hid behind a tree, not wanting to be seen. She saw the two chickens throwing the books at a frog in a pond, to which the frog was saying, "Rrredit Rrredit Rrredit..."

Most Submitted Joke:

Q: Why do chicken coops have two doors?
A: Because if they had four door, they'd be a chicken sedan.

Winners, send me your e-mail addresses so I can contact you about mailing your prizes out. I'll keep the comments private if you want to post them, or you can just e-mail me through the website. If you have a preference on the US or UK version, just let me know. (I know some folks like one title over the other, but the story is the same). And since they'll be signed, if there's anything in particular you want me to write, let me know. I guess that goes for the T-shirt winners too if they want! There's got to be a permanent marker around here somewhere. (If you don't mention wanting them signed I'll just send them as is)

Congratulations to the winners!

I'll do two more contests before the book comes out on October 6, so you still have chances to win a signed ARC. Keep an eye out for the next one in about two weeks. I"ll be doing that one on The Other Side of the Story blog for my writer readers, so that contest will be related to that blog in a fun and silly way. (and regular readers there can already guess what it's going to be!)

Thanks to all who entered and made the last week filled with laughter.


  1. Aww boo I didn't win! I knew I shouldn't have gone with the sedan one...!!

  2. No!! I would have killed for a UK version. Seriously. Anyone you need snuffed? :)

  3. I bet that kindergarten class one is a true story! Love it...

  4. Congratulations to the winners! What a fun idea.

  5. OMG!! I can't believe I won! I never win anything!!!

    I've been so wrapped in "teacherly" duties like class elections, progress reports, etc. that I'm just now checking back.

    You can bet I'll be pimping The Shifter to all my high schoolers!!!

    Great contest, Janice!!