Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Taking Over the World

Okay, not really, but I will be at World Fantasy this weekend (just attending, not presenting or anything). They have some amazing authors there this year, like Garth Nix, Carol Berg, Sharon Shin, Patricia McKillip, and lots more. I'm looking forward to sitting back and soaking up all the creative energy and advice.

They'll be a Halloween party Saturday night, and I have the coolest ghost costume all ready. Don't you just love the wispyness of the cape?

(Not me, just the model from the catalog)

I'll take pictures while I'm there and tell you all about it when I get back. Until then, have a Happy Halloween everyone!

Oh, hey, for funsies, post your favorite Halloween candy. Let's see how they stack up, shall we?

My favorite: those orange and black red hots in the tiny little packages. They taste better than any other red hot you can get at any other time.


  1. Milky Ways (Dark)
    p.s. why do people bother handing out those peanut-butter-ish candies wrapped in orange wax paper? Does anyone here eat them, cuz I've yet to find someone who does.

  2. Love the costume! Have a great time.

  3. Torn on the candy!
    Nerds / Raisinettes

    Favorite candy bar is Take 5 though - chocolate, pretzels, peanuts, peanut butter, AND caramel? I need to hug the genius who thought of that.

    Have fun on Halloween!

  4. Story-weaver, everyone once in a while I get cravings for those horrible orange-wrapped things! I think it's when I've eaten all the Bit-O-Honeys and really want more. Not quite the same, but it can fit the bill.

    Oh, the costume rocked :) I got lots of compliments on it, yay! Even though it had like three feet of extra tulle. But my best bud trimmed it off for me and now she has stuff to make costumes for her little ones.