Friday, October 23, 2009

Going Back to School, Part Two

I spent a few days this week at Otwell Middle School (go Dawgs). I got to talk with several hundred students over the course of the day, toss out some very cool color shifting pencils (jealous, aren't you?) and answer some excellent questions about writing and publishing. (this was a savvy bunch, let me tell you).

So a big thanks to all the Dawgs for giving me such a warm, welcome, and an extra dose of thanks to Media Director, Lisa Perkins, for inviting me and putting the whole shebang together. It was my first school visit and I couldn't have asked for a better group to use as guinea pigs. I may have even had more fun than they did.

Me and Lisa

I did a two-day visit this time, and came back back the next day to sign books. I noticed there was a remarkably high number of J-names at Otwell, which I highly approved of. J-named folks are awesome. (okay, everyone there was awesome, but I can have some letter pride once in a while, right?)

I'll be at a bunch more schools over the next few months and can't wait! I'm definitely going to have to stick up on more pencils though.

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