Friday, October 2, 2009

Look for Me in Gainesville

Just added another book signing to the lot, so if you live in the Gainesville, GA area, drop on by Hall Book Exchange and say hello!

Saturday, November 14, 2009, 1-3pm
Hall Book Exchange
1854 Thompson Bridge Rd.
Gainesville,GA 30501


  1. Tricksy! I saw the title and immediately thought Gainesville, FLORIDA. As I live in Ocala, I was already thinking, "well that's not a far drive, I can make it up to see Janice and tell her how much I love the book."
    Alas, Georgia is too far :(

  2. Don't listen to Megan Rebekah! Go North Carolina! :) Or at least keep driving past Gainesville to Greenville, SC :)

  3. Beth, I was actually in Greenvile this past Sunday for a trade show. Nothing is arranged yet, but there is a chance I'll be out that way for a festival next year. No dates yet but I'll keep ya'll posted :)

    I have a lot of friends and family in Florida, so I hope to get down that way at some point.

    Okay, shameless plug...(grin) you can always ask your local bookstores about a visit. If there's enough interest they might invite me.

  4. Oppsy, never answered MeganRebekah. Sorry about that :) I should have been more specific, huh? And thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.