Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Festival of Books

I don't know about you guys, but I'm always looking for an excuse to buy books. If you happen to live near Decatur, GA, this weekend is the Decatur Book Festival. Tons of great authors will be there, like Sara Shepherd, Lee Child, Diana Gabaldon, Charlaine Harris, Kathy Reichs, and my personal favorite, Ally Carter. And of course, there will be books. Tables and tables of books. Plus street food. You can't beat that combo. (Well, if they added cotton candy maybe you could)

The festival is spread out over several blocks, so there are great events mixed with music and even shopping. There's also a fantastic children's bookstore there, too. With stages set up for adults, teens, and kids, there's something for everyone -- I have several events I'm looking forward to myself, and I'm not even embarrassed that most of them are on the teen stage!

Last year, I attended a session by author Sara Shepherd and was so hooked by her reading from her Pretty Little Liars series I just had to buy the book. (Cryptic threats from a dead girl? I'm so there) And the of course rest of them after that! There are a bunch of names I don't recognize on the schedule, so I'm looking forward to discovering a new book or series this year too. The hardest part will be lugging it all home.

Now, where did I put that backpack...

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  1. haha i usually go to borders and come out with 5 or 6 books ^^