Friday, February 19, 2010

Mapping it Out

I got an email from my editor the other day, asking me if I wanted to do a map for Shifter 2. It's kinda funny, because I did one for book one, and while I did a rough "just so I knew where stuff was" map for S2, it never occurred to me to fancy it up and send it in.

For the record, my rough maps are taken by the publisher's nifty designers and made all pretty. I have decent skills at this, but they do maps for a living over there with all those fantasy books. It looked way cooler when they were done.

So I get to dive into map making again. It's fun, really, and it does make the world feel more real. I've been through this once now, so it'll be a lot easier and I have map one to use as a guide. There will be changes, of course, since I won't need all that water this time.

**Clever readers will spot the clue about book 2 in this post


  1. Oh oh, so Nya and co will move from country to country? I mean, we wouldn't need a map if they were going to stay in one place as they did in Shifter 1! :D