Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Okay, So a Journalist I'm Not

My apologies all. My plan was to tell you more about World Fantasy, but there was so much going on, that by the time I got back to my room each night, I crashed and forgot to blog. Then I forgot again in the morning before I headed out again. Suffice to say that journalists of the world are safe in their jobs, since I make a really bad reporter.


The weekend was loads of fun. There's great creative energy when a bunch of writers get together, and it's wonderful knowing you could sit down at the table with anyone hanging out in the lounge area and strike up a conversation. Everyone had at least one thing in common: we love fantasy. Just about everyone also had writing in common too. Groups would form and mix and merge as people came in and out of conversations. I tell ya, writers are about the nicest bunch of folks you'll meet.

I met some wonderful folks (one of whom won the World Fantasy Award for Best Short Story, grats Kij Johnson!) and learned a few things about writing to boot. (I'll talk about that on The Other Side of the Story) this week. I was also there when a good friend got some fantastic news. (Hint: it involves an agent!)

Halloween night was also a lot of fun, even if I did have to take a nap before hand. I stayed on East Coast time the whole weekend, so I was three hours ahead of everyone the entire convention. That wasn't so bad except for meals, so I was starving by the time breakfast rolled around. There were some great costumes, and doofy me forgot my camera. (Really, I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached!) I'm kicking myself now, because fellow NLA'er Gail Carriger had her book launch party that night, and since she writes steam punk, everyone was dressed in Victorian garb for a high tea party. They looked awesome!

All in all a great time, though it is good to be home.


  1. Glad you had a great time! Did you dress up for Halloween?

  2. Thanks! Yeppers, it was great. I dressed up as a ghost, though no one knew that. But what they thought I was was way better. Ice queen, snow princess, scary bride, the moon, cotton candy princess. I posted a picture of the costume in..um...On Top of the World I think.