Sunday, December 27, 2009

Really, I Didn't Fall of the Face of the Earth

Though you'd think I did from my terribly long absence. Sorry all!

I have a good excuse, really. I was hard at work on Shifter 2, (which is done, yay!), then there was Thanksgiving, and then I got sick for two whole weeks! Then there was Christmas, and I went away for a much needed vacation after all those deadlines and being sick and all.

But I'm back! So where was I on vacation? I'll give you a hint...

Yep, Disney World!

We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge, and had a very talented towel artist taking care of our room. Not only did that Mickey Ears greet us when we got there, but the next day, we found this cutie. And even a fun fan thing that held our toothbrushes in the bathroom. (I didn't take a photo of that though)

We had a great time, and now I have the urge to watch the movies for every ride I went on. So I sense a big lazy movie day in my future. But since I'm not starting on Shifter 3 until January, I can veg out for a while longer.

I did find the most amazing store ever though. In Downtown Disney, there's a store called Little Miss Match, that sells the funkiest socks. (Did I ever tell ya'll I adore funky socks?) They come in "pairs" of three, and are different patterns that go together, even though they don't officially match. You can wear the blue and yellow and green stripes with the pink and blue and green stripes one day, then the orange and green and blue stripes another. They rock. There's even TOE SOCKS!

Did I go crazy? Oh yeah. I need at least an extra sock drawer now, if not two.

As soon as I get unpacked and squared away I'll update everyone on the fun things I've been doing and the great bookstores and schools I've visited (in between being sick and being a world traveler and all). And maybe even a sneak peek or two at some of Shifter 2. We have a title now, so hopefully soon I'll have a cover as well to show everyone.


  1. Glad to have you back, and I absolutely love funky socks too!! Everyone always laughs at me because of it, but I know they're just jealous.

    Congrats on getting the second book done, and I hope your vacation was absolutely fantastic!

  2. Good thing they come in pairs of three. I'm always losing one, or the toe of ONE sock gets a hole. I end up wearing mismatched socks anyway, so this would be a great Idea.

    I love funky socks too, or socks with bright patterns, cats, dogs, monkeys, etc. on them.

  3. Good to be back. A good friend of mine saw my bag o' socks the other day and was soooo jealous :) Viva la Funky Socks!